Conquering Lazy Mountain

I am the lazy mountain. I have less then two months until I leave and have startlingly rediscovered a back problem, which until very, very recently has gone away. I’m surprised I don’t hear about this more on female packing lists. They talk a lot about packing light but what I don’t read much about is preparing one’s body for back packing. Stirling Bridge

I don’t want to need one of these for the whole length of my trip.

The body is a temple and if you’re going to carry a bag or go walking for days at a time, it would be a good idea to be physically train for it as well. Winter makes most Canadians, other than the hockey players, huddle inside, warm by the fire. I also write, which means I sit a lot as well. I’ve been plotting Europe for the last two years, and what I’ve failed to take into account is the change in life style. No only will I be out in the world, seeing new people and making friends, but I will be climbing walking and carrying all my necessities on my back. I am by no means over weight but laziness can be punishable too. Continue reading


5 Favourite Works of Literature

Because of the way I was raised and my interest, I can suffer from bouts of pretentiousness. For example  I wake up to the CBC every morning on the radio, and/or lectures. In any case, they were talking this morning about Classic Novels on your summer reading list. Its funny really. We complain all winter about how cold it is outside and then when summer comes we make reading lists. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand being outside reading to long. Hot, flippy pages in the wind, no soft cozy chair. But that’s beside the point. A majority of last summers reading list was classic literature. I’m a lit nerd. I collect it, a majority of my collection gathered from my time working at Bearly Used Books, though more often than not I haven’t read it all. I have a huge penguins collection, and if I happen to find a print from 60-100 years past, or further I snatch it up. You can keep the stinky penguin, this one looks old!

I have my favourites among them though, that I’ve actually read and here they are!


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