Eaters of the Dead – Review and Reaction

Wow, again Michael Critchon has knocked my socks off.





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The Pajama Pant Addict

I love my Pajama pants. I used to never care about them, they were the last thing in my wardrobe I invested in and usually bought cheaply  like my industrial bag of black socks. Only with animals prints or something the like.

I liked pj pants, for their security, but I never really loved them as a fashion piece.

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Current Reading Stack March 2013

The reading list is a fickle creature. She waits in beside your bed patiently each night for the human to slip into the blanket, before they ATTACK with guilt of not reading, and, like a smelly, readable fungus, they only grow with time. The only way to be rid of them is by reading!

Finding the time can be tricky, especially if you’re a Juggernaut reader like I am.


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