Praisable Product – My Women’s Kea™ Sandal

I’m bad about shoes. I love them, they’re so pretty, but they cost so much money.

There are usually one of four directions I go when it comes to shoes.

Shoe Disasters
Shoe Disasters


1.) I buy a pricy shoe and it fit in the store but blesses me with blister horrors later on.

2.)  Cheap shoes that fit fab and even but turn into confettie after three wears

3.) Cheep shoes, that I’m in such a hurry to try on that they feel like they fit right but in fact are either to small or too big.

4.) The blessed wondershoes that fit well, don’t kill my account and live into eternity. (the rarest one)

More often then not I do Shoe Disasters. Most of my friends get a good chuckle about my shoe blunders, and I’m more than confident my bank has a hearty laugh to.

But a few years back I made the soundest footwear investment I’ve ever done, and willingly, and on sale.

Kae Sandal

Meet the Kae sandal, by Columbia. I can’t get enough of them in the summer.

Not only do they fit like a glove, but they are water proof, ultra light, excellent for going  on walks, and they don’t look like your adventurous sporty aunt style shoe. They work great for me, because I like to do stuff when I go out, often bumbling through my adventures and I like to look good while doing it. Kaes keep me from breaking my ankles and the bank.

My best example of their quality are two examples.

I went out on Georgian Bay with my to dear friends, A and S. Anyone who know Georgian bay, knows she’s known for her rocks. The shore line we followed out of Parry Sound covers all types of waterside Precambrian shield terrain and my Kaes never failed me. When I was in the water, they clung to the slippery rocks. And they looked good! Check it!

S and I in the bay
Me and my Kaes
Me and my Kaes on the Bay
S and I in the bay
S and I in the bay. Little did we know there was a snake just to the right in the water. 

Photos by Aimee

My second example of their awesomeness is from one of my family reunions. We had a half day canoe trip down the river in Whitestone, Ontario. There were four canoes and a kyak in total, the three ladies (My Cousin Kayla, my sister, and me, steering) in one and the rest of the boys in the rest. The summer was droughty so the river was low in many places, this meant that we had to get out and carry our canoes. Not only did my Kaes keep my feet protected from the zillions of sticks in the bottom, but every time I lost one, it would float. Thank goodness. At one point we were chest deep in swamp mud, not by my driving, that’s for sure and my Kae’s got me to the end, unlike my sister’s crocs. We didn’t win, my army cousin kicked our butts, but it was fun!

Daryl, myself, Kayla, Jasper (in the back, and my sister Hailey
Daryl, myself, Kayla, Jasper (in the back, and my sister Hailey
Me Kayla, Hailey
Me Kayla, Hailey


My Kaes are coming on my trip. They were the one piece of clothing/footwear that I had no debate over. Cheep flipflops can chafe, be bad for walking and  though they can be styling, the pros of my Kaes out weight the cons.



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