Things I Could Do With and Out

Its not until you travel that you realize what you really didn’t need. I wish someone was there to be strict with me. I had isntead bee surrounded by a fashion forward sister and friend, and worried for my own comfort. So I have a number of things now, that I recommend being left at home.


But this isn’t a clothing list, well except maybe one. I have a much better understanding now of what it means to travel lightly, and how much of a reality that is, with out having to cramp my sense of style.

What I Could Have Done Without:

3.) Travel Book; I brought a lonely planet book. Dumbest idea when you bring a computer. Now, if your not going anywhere but that country and are not bringing a computer, then yes, a travel books can be good. Otherwise, pitch it, especially if you go to a country where you speak the language fluently, because there is no harm in asking, and they make Tourist Information places by the dozen. (I am by no means saying don’t read Lonely Planet or other books like that. They are a wealth of knowledge easily sorted)

images (5)

2.) Soap: By which I mean soap in a tube. Conditioner, Shampoo and the bar of body soap. Not only do I have to keep refilling them, but they take up space for so little usage.


1.) Neck Rest. Really, if that 9 hours of flight told me anything is, it will all be over soon. Even if it is inflatable, its still room. Use a sweater or a nice Cashmere scarf, leave the gimmicks at home.



What I Could Have Done With More Of:

3.) German Practice: When I couldn’t communicate very well, it was very isolating. My best tip, for if your going deep into another country alone, is have a good grasp of the language with intensive course.

2.) Room in my Bag: Its a given, especially when visiting family and they give me lovely treasures of my past and of their present.

1.) Money: I think that’s a given for any list though. It’s so I could stay forever.

What I Packed Just Right:

3.) Books: Plain old reading books are all done. I’m left with one thin book for me to read umpteen times, but that’s okay. I packed it just right.



2.) Face cream and a scrub: This is odd, but I like to take care of my skin and by keeping it from being burnt and smooth.


st ives apricot scrub


1.) Underpants: I’ve read a good number of guides that say to pack a weeks worth of drawers. No way man. If I can have one thing to start my day off good its clean drawers.

images (6)


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  1. E-reader like an iPad and some e-books like Lonely Planet, a solar panel for recharge. Take some of your money and go to a post office and send the momentos from your trip to yourself at home.

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