Eaters of the Dead – Review and Reaction

Wow, again Michael Critchon has knocked my socks off.





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Current Reading Stack March 2013

The reading list is a fickle creature. She waits in beside your bed patiently each night for the human to slip into the blanket, before they ATTACK with guilt of not reading, and, like a smelly, readable fungus, they only grow with time. The only way to be rid of them is by reading!

Finding the time can be tricky, especially if you’re a Juggernaut reader like I am.


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5 Favourite Works of Literature

Because of the way I was raised and my interest, I can suffer from bouts of pretentiousness. For example  I wake up to the CBC every morning on the radio, and/or lectures. In any case, they were talking this morning about Classic Novels on your summer reading list. Its funny really. We complain all winter about how cold it is outside and then when summer comes we make reading lists. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand being outside reading to long. Hot, flippy pages in the wind, no soft cozy chair. But that’s beside the point. A majority of last summers reading list was classic literature. I’m a lit nerd. I collect it, a majority of my collection gathered from my time working at Bearly Used Books, though more often than not I haven’t read it all. I have a huge penguins collection, and if I happen to find a print from 60-100 years past, or further I snatch it up. You can keep the stinky penguin, this one looks old!

I have my favourites among them though, that I’ve actually read and here they are!


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