Things I Could Do With and Out

Its not until you travel that you realize what you really didn’t need. I wish someone was there to be strict with me. I had isntead bee surrounded by a fashion forward sister and friend, and worried for my own comfort. So I have a number of things now, that I recommend being left at home.


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3 Things I Want to Bring, But Really Shouldn’t

Traveling is a good way to minimalize your life, and, of course, spend money. But, like all people, there are things I wish I could bring with me. There are things I’ll always want too bring, like more books, more clothes and more underwear, and  a pack mule to carry it all, but these three are my top choices of things I want to bring but really shouldn’t.

Pack Mule

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The Pajama Pant Addict

I love my Pajama pants. I used to never care about them, they were the last thing in my wardrobe I invested in and usually bought cheaply  like my industrial bag of black socks. Only with animals prints or something the like.

I liked pj pants, for their security, but I never really loved them as a fashion piece.

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Conquering Lazy Mountain

I am the lazy mountain. I have less then two months until I leave and have startlingly rediscovered a back problem, which until very, very recently has gone away. I’m surprised I don’t hear about this more on female packing lists. They talk a lot about packing light but what I don’t read much about is preparing one’s body for back packing. Stirling Bridge

I don’t want to need one of these for the whole length of my trip.

The body is a temple and if you’re going to carry a bag or go walking for days at a time, it would be a good idea to be physically train for it as well. Winter makes most Canadians, other than the hockey players, huddle inside, warm by the fire. I also write, which means I sit a lot as well. I’ve been plotting Europe for the last two years, and what I’ve failed to take into account is the change in life style. No only will I be out in the world, seeing new people and making friends, but I will be climbing walking and carrying all my necessities on my back. I am by no means over weight but laziness can be punishable too. Continue reading